AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Review – Horrific Experience

AEIOU Parties Limited, Childrens' Parties London, AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Entertainer

We booked an ‘Elsa from Frozen Entertainer’ from AEIOU Parties Ltd, a children’s party entertainment agency in London, for our daughter’s 5th birthday party.

We are deeply unhappy with the ‘entertainment’ AEIOU provided and the way they have dealt with this issue.  I’ve posted about our story, because I would hate for any other families to have the same experience.

A quick summary of this post:

  • The entertainer was late, and didn’t call us to let us know
  • The entertainer looked dreadful
  • The entertainer told the kids “Elsa couldn’t make it”
  • The entertainment provided was appalling
  • AEIOU Parties refused us a full refund

Our little girl was HUGELY excited, as were all her friends, that she would be having an Elsa Entertainer. Little did I know what a mistake I’d made trusting AEIOU.

The images below are of what the actual entertainer looked like.

AEIOU Parties Limited, Childrens' Parties London, AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen EntertainerAEIOU Parties Limited, Childrens' Parties London, AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Entertainer

Add to this that the lady had a heavy Spanish accent and you begin to get a picture of the level of care put into providing us with an Elsa Entertainer.

According to the agency, they cannot discriminate over who they give a job to. Fine if the person can pull off the accent of the character they are playing and looks vaguely like them…

The Entertainer Was Late

Our party started at 4pm. The entertainer was due to start entertaining at 4:15pm.

She finally arrived at 4:20pm and didn’t start entertaining the children until 4:35pm.

We did not receive a call to say she’d be late. We called the agency twice, who didn’t know where the entertainer was either.

Any parent who has put their heart and soul into preparing a kids party will understand how stressful this was – greeting expectant guests and their parents with a rictus smile, whilst trying to contact the agency to find out where the entertainer was and dying a little inside that I’d trusted them.

How Our ‘Elsa from Frozen’ Looked

AEIOU Parties Limited, Childrens' Parties London, AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Entertainer

I think the photos say it all. She looked dreadful, like she’d left a rave at 6am.

Apparently the Elsa outfit had been worn by another entertainer earlier that day and was wet with sweat. So, our entertainer decided to put the outfit on OVER THE TOP over her own clothes, which happened to be black.

She didn’t even bother to put the costume shoes on and wore a pair of tatty black flat shoes. The dress came undone at the back, someone did it up for her, but it wouldn’t stay done up, so she left it to hang off.

The wig didn’t fit her and she didn’t bother to put any make-up on.

AEIOU have since gone on to be quoted in a piece in to say that actually, despite it being their fault that the entertainer was late and her costume was dirty, it is actually our fault that she looked such a mess, because if our party was really so important, we should have given her more time… I’d love to know how that would have worked… “oh hold on kids, the entertainment should have started 20 minutes ago, but if you could just amuse yourselves whilst we help the entertainer get better prepared…” 

Here’s their laughable accusation…

‘We assume the responsibility of the delay, the wet costume and therefore not having the right amount of time to prepare, but I think that if the party was so important as we also think it should be, Luci should have go to the entertainer [sic] and give the time she needed to look great.’

Read more:

AEIOU Parties Limited, Childrens' Parties London, AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Entertainer

The Entertainment

“Elsa couldn’t come to your party”

The entertainment was dreadful… To start with, when one of the children asked her…

“Where is Elsa?”

The ‘entertainer’ replied…

“Elsa couldn’t come to the party, so I am here instead”

I think everyone can imagine how that made our little girl feel.

Where’s the music?

The entertainer’s PA system wasn’t very powerful and had constant static and feedback.

The entertainer told my husband that she has a bigger PA system, but doesn’t like bringing it to parties because it is too heavy. Useful.

Parents open-mouthed in disbelief

She did some singing, but she hadn’t bothered to stage herself, rather she stuck to a corner of the room – a room with sloping eves – and it was all very underwhelming.

The combination of the way the entertainer looked, in her cheap and dirty Elsa dress thrown over her own black clothes, the ill-fitting wig, the totally inappropriate-for -the-character heavy Spanish accent, and the fact her singing was awful, had all the parents’ jaws dropping to the floor in disbelief.

Face painting stress & parents have to take over entertaining

I had expressed concerns with the agency about the time it would take to face paint 20 children, and had agreed with the agency that the entertainer would do a very small and simple design on each child.

This did not happen until I intervened.  If the entertainer had carried on at her pace, it would have taken her well over an hour to complete the 20 kids….

…which might have been bearable if she’d got something up her sleeve to entertain the children….

I’d asked the agency how the kids would be entertained during the face painting and was told…

“Each entertainer has their own special way of entertaining the kids whilst they are doing the face painting”.

Well this entertainer’s way of entertaining the kids was to turn the music off – because it was on her phone and she wanted to time her face painting – and do NOTHING to entertain the kids.

Instead she became increasingly frosty with the children as she made her way through the face painting.

Parents find a way to entertain the kids…

In the end, to do something to keep the kids amused during the face painting, my friend and my husband took matters into their own hands and started to entertain the children with games of musical statues and the hokey-cokey.

Bizarre Rock Music Moment

After the face-painting, the entertainer said she’d do a couple more ‘games’. These amounted to a couple of song things, neither of which were anything to do with the Frozen soundtrack, the second of which was some heavy rock number from the 70s, to which she started punching the air and looking like a complete loon.

This had my fellow parents at the party curling up in shocked laughter.

No balloon for the birthday girl

And to end the sorry state of affairs. The entertainer’s last job was to create balloon animals / shapes for the kids. She did this hurriedly whilst we did the cake and sang happy birthday.

When our daughter asked her for a balloon animal she said to her…

“Sorry, I don’t have time”

The only reason our daughter got her balloon creation was that my husband stepped in and pointed out that she was the birthday girl.

So, the entertainer was so unengaged with the party she couldn’t even remember who the birthday girl was. Impressive.


In total we paid £175 for 1.5 hours of entertainment, 50% ahead of the party and 50% to the entertainer on the day.

Yes, I actually handed over cash to this woman. I wasn’t going to, but having called the agency during the party to tell the agent I was appalled by the service, and that I wasn’t happy to hand over the second payment, I was advised  by the agent that I needed to pay the money and then complain to the agency in order to receive a refund.

If my brain hadn’t been so addled with stress, I would have ignored their advice and kept my money.

And I wish I had, because two weeks on from complaining to AEIOU, I have ended up with only a 50% refund. Yip, exactly the amount that I would have kept if I’d not paid the entertainer.

AEIOU Won’t Give A Full Refund If The Entertainer Shows Up

The agency insisted that their offer of a 50% refund was in-line with their Terms & Conditions.

The only issue with this being that we hadn’t been sent any Terms & Conditions at time of booking and the Terms & Conditions aren’t findable on their website.

I asked for a copy of the Terms & Conditions to be sent to me. 24 hours  later the Terms & Conditions still hadn’t arrived. I chased and was told…

“They are just coming over from our legal person”

Make of that what you will, I know what it leads me to believe.

Why I Want To Warn Other Parents About AEIOU

It takes a lot of time, care and love to put together a child’s birthday party, not to mention a lot of money.

Hiring an entertainer is a big part of the financial cost, and the entertainer is meant to be the focal point for the party.

To have created an Elsa themed party for our daughter and then have the ‘Elsa entertainer’ turn up late, shove on a dodgy wig and dirty costume over her own clothes, and then tell the expectant children…

“Elsa couldn’t make it”

… before launching into a second rate entertainment routine, RUINED our daughter’s birthday party.

In fact, the last thing our daughter said quietly to me before she went to bed that night was…

“Mummy, why didn’t Elsa come to my party?”

Which is not how I had imagined her birthday party day would end.

The poor service also ruined the party for my husband and me. Previously we’ve done the entertainment ourselves at parties, and this year we had wanted to relax and enjoy watching our daughter having fun at her party.

This was our daughter’s 5th birthday party, it was meant to be a really special and magical occasion for her. We worked really hard as parents to make it happen. We were totally let down by AEIOU and their entertainer.

A full refund would have gone some way towards recompensing us for a completely ruined party. It still wouldn’t have made up for the fact the party was ruined by the poor entertainment.

For AEIOU to apologise and say that this wasn’t their normal service, but then to go on to say that as the entertainer had shown up (eventually) it meant that they could at most refund us 50% of the fee, is belligerently missing the point that the cost to us of this sorry excuse for entertainment was far more than the fee we paid AEIOU.

So I’ll end with a warning to any other parents planning on booking an Elsa Entertainer… think really carefully about who you book and which children’s entertainment agency you go to.

Ideally go for a recommendation. In fact, if you tweet me @LuciMcQ I can share with you details of two Elsa entertainers, in the East London area,who have apparently done amazing jobs of entertaining. If only we’d known about them before we booked with AEIOU.

AEIOU Parties Limited, Childrens' Parties London, AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Entertainer

 Author: I’m Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh, co-editor of parenting blog . Mums Make Lists is the number one parenting blog offering simple tips for busy mums, tried and tested by busy mums. London based, loved in the UK and USA.

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219 thoughts on “AEIOU Parties Elsa From Frozen Review – Horrific Experience

  1. Lottie's party productions! says:

    This is terrible ! And the exact reason why I am starting my own children’s entertainment company! Unless someone has experience in performing, singing and working with children they should not be allowed to be apart of an entertainment company! I’ve taught drama class to children aged 4-14, sung for a number of years and also been in Harry potter & a number of other TV programs , adverts and on stage! I hope you never have this issue again.. X

  2. twinderelmo2014 says:

    Absolutely disgusting. aeiou should be utterly ashamed and after this farce to only offer 50%?
    Outrageous. Take it to the press

  3. says:

    Hi Luci,
    I am extremely shocked at the terrible experience you’ve had.
    I am a trained actress who has been hosting parties as Elsa and getting fabulous reviews.
    Entertainers should be able to provide photos and videos which show the standard of their entertainment.
    I would also advise checking that they have an enhanced DBS check as you can’t be sure who you are booking to supervise the children at a party.
    I’m a mother of two princesses and a professionally qualified teacher and I would only book someone with the relevant police checks. I was booked by the police to perform at their Christmas Fair.
    I hope that you get your money back although it will never compensate for the terrible memory.
    Kind Regards, Emma.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Hi Emma thanks for leaving a comment, yes I thought I had booked with a reputable agency, but it turns out they aren’t. Luckily the only the the entertainer was guilty of was looking dreadful and not doing a good job of entertaining. But I will be much more careful in future. Thanks for your kind wishes.

  4. Anon says:

    I almost worked for AEIOU, but thankfully left myself after the interview. The interview consisted of playing a party game of your choice with the other applicants, and then The next day I was told I was successful. I was never asked for any references or a CRB/DBS check. They tried to send me to a party, where I would have to “face paint, balloon model, play music games and perform a puppet show for 30 children”. I asked when my training would be, they said I didn’t need any. I told them I couldn’t balloon model and had never painted faces before, they told me “I’d be fine, just wing it”. I was told I would have to organise all the games, equipment, costume and provide the puppet myself, with no help or training from the company. And the real kicker, the party would have cost the host £180, I would have recieved £50 for doing all of the work. AEIOU is simply a scam scheme, with no regard for the children they entertain or the entertainers themselves. The entertainer in this story was probably shoved there last minute with no idea what was going on the day after the first interview like I nearly was. Terrible terrible company.

  5. Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

    Hello lovely princesses of Princess Academy, thank you SO much for your kind offer, you’ve hit the nail on the head with how you sum it up. I shall drop you a line by email. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and make such a kind offer.

  6. hollie says:

    I wold report them to watchdog. How many other little girls are having this awful experiance 😦

    I almost booked one for my little girl but money was on our side. If we had skimped and saved and got this I was have gone absolutely balistic… heart goes out to you! Hope u get your money back somewhere along the line xxx

  7. Haley Ivy Di Virgilio says:

    This is so saddening. I can only imagine the heartbreak for your poor sweet little girl! I work for an entertainment company in the US, and I shared this with my fellow “princesses”. We’re all equally appalled! If you’d like to get in touch with me, we would love to film a special video for your little girl from “the princesses” to help make up some of that heartbreak! If not, I completely understand. But we’d love to help in any way we can; the honorable and truly magical entertainment companies have to stick together to keep that magic alive! And no little girl deserves such a monumental let down on her big day!
    haley . divirgilio @ (no spaces 🙂 )

  8. Charidy says:

    As an owner of a children’s party entertainment company, this absolutely sickens me! I feel so bad for you and your little girl! A full refund was definitely in order! I keep looking at that photo…the wig, costume, and lack of makeup…just ugh. How can someone knowingly go into a party looking like that? They had no business even charging you money for that. I wish my company was close to you. We would send our Snow Queen to visit your little princess! If you message me your address, I would be more than happy to send her an autographed/personalized photo. So sorry this happened to you!


    Charidy K
    Enchanted Parties, LLC
    NW Florida

  9. Wish Upon a Star Events (Hayley) says:

    Hello! I own a party company in Washington, in the United States. Wish Upon a Star Events ( and I am so so so sorry to hear about your experience. Word’s cannot even describe how this broke my heart. My girls and I would love to put together a special Elsa and Anna video for you and your little one, a little message from Arendelle, if you would like, just to bring the magic back (no charge, obviously). Please feel free to email us at

  10. thatd says:

    As unfortunate as your ghastly experience has been with these “party planners”, you are regrettably not alone. Several of my friends have experienced similar disappointments – one in particular much worse than your own. Nothing could be done as these are often unregulated cowboy outfits. My advice would be to host a second party as a complete surprise to smooth over any upset. It is amazing how quickly a child can forget such disasters. Perhaps an Alice in Wonderland “Unbirthday Party” would be truly apt. An Italian friend had a grandmother who would surprise him with a birthday gift on any day except his birthday. He preferred this actually to the more formal and generic approach.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      I love the idea of an ‘unbirthday party’, I’m going to use that idea. So sorry to hear you know of people who’ve experienced worse than this, that’s awful. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  11. Virginia says:

    This breaks my heart. I have a little girl, 4, and also run a child’s entertainment company. I cannot BELIEVE how this company handled everything! Really disgraceful, and to crush a child’s dream like that. ….. I can t believe they did anything short of firing that entertainer AND giving you a make up party/play date with Elsa. 😦 My heart legit aches reading what your little girl said at the end of her special day 😥 Living in Florida, I know we are too far to send an entertainer to make her smile, but perhaps one of our real mermaids can send her a special gift and letter wishing her a magical year and to hopefully make her smile and keep believing in the magic kids are supposed to enjoy for years. Please do contact me if we can do this for her. And I hope the owner of that company makes things right soon! Utterly unbelievable!

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Hello Sirenia, thanks so much for your kind words, it is quite amazing isn’t it, that the only people who can’t seem to see how awful this situation is, are the people who own the agency. thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

    • Anon says:

      I actually nearly worked for AEIOU and thankfully refused any work with them. They scam the entertainers as much as the children, the day after my first interview they tried to send me to a party whithout any training, and when I Told them I couldn’t balloon model or face paint yet they told me “wing it”. I’m not excusing the appalling antics of the entertainer, but I can guess she was literally shoved there after someone else dropped out and told like me, “to wing it”. No one should ever use this company.

      • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

        Hello there, this is really interesting to read. I’m aware the reason our entertainer was late was due to the agency’s Elsa dress having arrived late with her from another entertainer who wore it. Apparently the dress was wet with sweat, which was why our entertainer decided to wear it over her own clothes. I sympathise, but at the same time, if I’d been that entertainer I’d have worn the dress, done the very best job I could and then gone home and had a shower.

        It seems like you had a lucky escape from AEIOU, I only hope that this post and the response on social media goes some way to discrediting an agency who have managed to get themselves high up in Google rankings for children’s entertainment in London. Not good for entertainers who genuinely want to do a good job and not good for parents / clients like me.

        Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

  12. Rhona says:

    Genuinely cannot understand how anyone can think it’s acceptable to do that to a child. As an adult, you could probably deal with a minor let down.
    But a five year old waiting to meet a hero only to be greeted by a horrific stand in?
    More than anything, I’m sorry it was your daughter who had to go through that, and you who has to deal with the backlash of the situation.
    As it’s been mentioned, it is more about th e principal than the money. However, I hope you recieve a full refund for this, and I hope your daughters next birthday goes a little more to plan. 🙂

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Exactly, no money will give us back the happy memories that should have been created that day for a little 5 year old girl, her family and friends. But it would have shown that the agency actually cared that they let us down, which would also have given me a little belief in them that they won’t let this kind of thing happen to anyone else. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  13. rachael says:

    This is awful! I run a children’s entertainment company and it makes me so sick that this company have sent someone like that to your childs party ruining her dreams…I wish i lived close to your area and would give you a free appearance from my Ice Queen because i feel so sad that this happened and ruined your daughters dreams of her favourite character at her party!!
    Rachael xx

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Hi Rachael, thanks so much for your comment, it’s really heartening to see comments from so many who work in the industry who share my point of view about the way AEIOU is handling this situation. I hope that when they see the response on here, twitter and facebook, they begin to realise how wrong they are.

  14. Morgan says:

    If I had the money right now, I would send you that other half you did not receive. This is horrendous and no child should ever have to go through that. If I loved there, you can bet your child will have elsa there and Anna. I wish there was a way to make her birthday better.

  15. Mark Colgan says:

    All but none of these Frozen parties or Elsa princesses are officially licensed and Disney are heavily into protecting copyright, expect them, good and bad to start disappearing under massive damages demands very soon.

    The quality kids entertainers can get their workload back then and back to smiling kids once again.

  16. Elizabeth golden says:

    As a princess performer i am absolutelyappalled! Ever since frozem came out a bunch of uunorganized high schoolers who want to male a quick buck have stepped into the scene and watered down thr market and lowered the standards. This is literally the worst elsa impersonator ive EVER seen…and my bigfest regret it your little girl had to have the magic ruined by someone with no magic. I wish so.badly i could come or send someone to bring some magic.. if youd like i can give you my email and the frozen sisters can give her a personal greeting.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Hello Elizabeth

      Thanks so much for your comment, I’ve had some messages from such an array of lovely sounding entertainers, I just wish I’d booked someone like you or one of them, rather than the duds that I managed to find! Total #MummyFail on my part 😦

  17. Jessicax says:

    Well! As a Children’s Party Entertainer myself, and one that takes a lot of pride in the work I do, I cannot believe that the agency have failed to give you any other form of recompense…. If that is the quality of entertainment offered, what on earth is the training process to get that Elsa there?! And how has a social media post not spurred them into action?!
    My Professional Princess heart goes out to your daughter and yourself, and sincerely hope that you get further with the company.
    I hope this hasn’t put you off other marvellous, *much* higher quality companies for good and send you much magic for future parties for your little one.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Hello Jessica, thanks so much for your message. This was the first time we’d booked an entertainer, we’ve done it ourselves in the past – pretty successfully as well! – so it was a major shock to the system when it started dawning on me as the party started that things were likely to go horribly wrong, which they did. I will certainly be far more careful who I book in the future x

  18. Hayley says:

    This is so upsetting. Your daughter would have been so looking forward to this, how can a company who make their living from children’s enjoyment know that they have ruined a little girls birthday party and not even have the decency to offer a refund?

    They should have offered to host another party for her, on their expense!!!! Thats the only way to actually make it up to a disappointed child!


  19. Marina Toft says:

    As a princess entertainer myself, I’m completely appalled. I cannot imagine a company or performer coming even CLOSE to this level of unprofessionalism. I wish I could fly out to England and give you a makeup party!

  20. Katie Haydock says:

    I literally can’t believe what I just read… She would have been leaving my house early with a black eye! How DARE she tell your 5 year old that Elsa couldn’t make it. That’s like saying Father Christmas isn’t real…

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Isn’t it…. of all the things that happened, the fact she told all the children that ‘Elsa couldn’t make it’ is the thing that galls me the most… well that and the attitude of the agency AEIOU to the whole issue.

  21. Aimee Bell says:

    Gutted for your little girl! This makes me so sad, my daughter is almost 5 and I know from her previous princess party how magical it should be. We were lucky to have a decent entertainer, I have seen some awful ones but none as bad as the one you had the misfortune of getting. Clearly this company don’t realise it isn’t just a ruined party, it’s a little girls ruined dreams.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      You put it so well. I know that this might all come as across as me being all middle class woes, but we put so much effort into making this the best party ever for her and to have her end the day of her party asking “mummy, why didn’t Elsa come to my party?” just broke my heart.

  22. Sean says:

    Hurrendous, me and my partner have just stated a children’s party company up and we do an elsa visit and my partner makes sure elsa is 100% before leaving her house terrible communication should be refunded

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Yes, exactly. When I had to call the agency to find out where she was I was told that they hadn’t heard from her, so she must be on her way… so clearly the communication between her and the agency was as non-existent as the communication between the entertainer and me.

  23. Tracey says:

    I work for a princessing company in the New York City area and this story is heartbreaking. A bad princess completely ruins the magic for a room full of children and anyone doing this job needs to be aware of that. You absolutely need to request a refund and if they refuse I agree about going to court and including other party expenses as well. This performers terribly unprofessional behavior ruined the entire party. I just wish there was some way to fix this for your daughter! (If you lived in the NYC area I definitely would offer a free redo). We offer skype calls–maybe someone in England does as well. If the accent isn’t a problem feel free to contact my company. I would be happy to compensate my portion of a skype call.

    good luck!

    My Fairytale Party

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Oh if only we lived in NYC… well it’s my very favourite city after London, love the Big Apple and the New York accent. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I am going to look at pursuing it further, because the agency simply refuses to ‘understand’ that even a 100% refund wouldn’t really compensate us for all our losses on that day, either the financial ones or the stress and the ruined memories.

  24. Louise says:

    I’m so glad you shared this. It’s absolutely disgusting and they deserve to be named and shamed! I’m so sorry they ruined both yours and your little girls day. I sincerely hope you get the rest of your money back, and I think they should offer you some compensation as well.xx

  25. Sophie says:


    I have been sent this from one of our entertainers….I was so sad and shocked to read what you and your daughter experienced. My mother ran Children’s Themed Parties (CTP Party) for nearly 18 years and I took it over just over a year ago. The only reason we are still here is due to the positive recommendations we receive from clients and good word of mouth. It is such a shame to hear of your negative experience with a party entertainment company (it gives us all a bad rep)! Personally, if I were you I would suggest you continue to ring the owner (the person responsible for the business) and express your unsatisfaction. I would also post some feedback / weak reviews on their social media sites. Companies can not continue to send out untrained and innapropriate entertainers…as word travels fast in this business. If it gives you any consolation I would be happy as long as we cover your area to send along one of my team for a 30 minute appearance (as Elsa or whoever your daughter would like) to ensure she does not go on thinking that Elsa couldn’t be bothered to come to her party! Contact me at ( it would be on the house) x Sophie

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Wow Sophie that is an amazingly kind offer, thank you so much. Having felt so wretched that I couldn’t put right my daughter’s party on the day and couldn’t get a full refund from the agency, the kindness of people like you is overwhelmingly lovely.

  26. Karen Hannah says:

    Oh Luci how terrible! That woman looks absolutely hammered! I really wish you the best of luck getting your money back, though I know that the monetary refund isn’t the real issue.

  27. StephsTwoGirls says:

    So sad for your daughter. How can anybody think that was remotely acceptable! The agency cannot be trusted, and that ‘lady’ should definitely not be given any work as an entertainer. 😦

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      I have started looking into small claims, it’s become more the principle of it… even a full refund wouldn’t give us back the party we had planned, create the happy memories we’ve lost out or… or at a very basic level, the money spent on the party as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

  28. emmysmummy says:

    I hope you get your money back.
    That’s appalling, awful service and the kids must have been so disappointed.

    She looks unhappy and like she definitely doesn’t want to be there.

    I would have been livid

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      She was unhappy and to be fair, the agency should have provided her with her own costume, rather than one that someone else had worn and left ‘wet with sweat’ according to the entertainer… still if I had been her, I’d have been a trouper and put the costume on regardless, then gone home and had a shower. Not shove it on over her all black outfit and then tell the kids that ‘Elsa couldn’t make it’. Thanks so much for leaving a comment, I appreciate it.

  29. Messed Up Mum says:

    This is really upsetting to read. I know people think it’s bad PR to make negative comments about a company but I’m really glad you did in this instance, this isn’t just a small issue over which you’re being petty, this is horrendous! I really hope your daughter isn’t too upset. Also, when the legal team finally comes up with a contract, as they obviously wrote one up AFTER the party, I’d pick it apart thoroughly and maybe even get legal advice yourself. Utterly disgraceful. X

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Indeed, things aren’t going to go 100% right all the time, if they’d been more gracious with an apology and refunded us the money without quibbling etc, I would have felt a whole lot more confident that they actually cared about the appalling service we received and that our little girl was left really disappointed. I’d also feel a whole lot more confident that this won’t happen to anyone else. Thanks for leaving a comment x

  30. lambandbear says:

    If I was you I’d go to the press. This cannot be allowed. Your daughter should of gone to bed that night dreaming about meeting Elsa at her birthday party, not asking where she was. They should be ashamed of themselves. Alex x

  31. Natasha Mairs says:

    OMG!! she looks terrible!! I could do a better job of being Elsa my self!! There is no way I would pay her a penny, she looks like a drunk from the pub not a kids entertainer!!!

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      And there’s the rub… we’ve done the entertainment ourselves at our daughter’s other parties and, if I say so myself, they’ve all been brilliant! The idea of this was that our daughter would have a really magical party and that we could relax a bit more and enjoy watching her and her friends having fun, kids grow up so fast and we really wanted to be able to cherish the memory, rather than the party going by in a whirlwind of activity from us hosting it. Sadly it wasn’t to be 😦 Thanks so much for leaving a comment x

  32. says:

    This article makes me incredibly sad.

    I was one of the first “Elsa entertainers” in the country. every effort is made with each party to ensure the children recieve the very best, authentic, magical experience.
    Teaming with Rebecca Stone, we have been entertaining as The Snowflake Sisters for almost 12 months and have an amazing following of “little snowflakes”

    To hear of someone destroying a child’s dreams like this makes me feel so angry! Please be careful who you book with!

    Kerri Leigh
    The Snowflake Sisters

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Hello Kerri

      It sounds like you are able to create the most magical shows, if only you’d been our party entertainers. Do let me have your details over Twitter – @LuciMcQ and I’ll make sure to share them.

      • Tricia Harrison says:

        I had the snowflake sisters a few weeks ago for my daughters party & I can highly recommend them, totally amazing!! My daughter & her friends had the best time ever & my daughter still can’t believe that she got to meet the real Elsa & Anna!!! I’m so sorry about ur terrible experience, it makes me really angry!!!

  33. Gary says:

    Letter Before Action. Small Claims Court (MCOL / MoneyClaimOnline). You didn’t get what you paid for. If they bother to defend it, then the judge will (I reckon) find in your favour in, ooh, five seconds.

  34. Carly Markham says:

    I am actually horrified reading this and How dare they only give you half your money back. I hope they see this post and see how appalling they look to what could have been potential customers if they had either got it right in the first place or at least handled the situation properly after it went wrong. Sorry to hear your daughters birthday was ruined by these awful people x

  35. entertainingelliot says:

    That is outrageous, and how stressful for you and your husband. Kids birthday parties are hard work at the best of times let alone with this on your plate! I really hope lots of people read this and you are able to get your full refund. x

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Exactly, we both run our own businesses, I am also full-time as a parent when she’s not at school and planning the party on top of life in general took a huge amount of time and effort. It was also meant to be something really magical for her before she gets all grown-up, sadly it wasn’t to be 😦

  36. Amber says:

    Hilariously awful. Aeiou should be absolutely mortified and tripping over themselves to make this right.

    I hope that the papers pick this up. You should see if there’s any interest.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Yes, there seems to be some interest. And yes, they should have been tripping over themselves to do everything they could to make it as right as they could after the event. Instead of which they offered a measly 50% refund and then got all arrogant and quoting terms & conditions – that were never sent at time of booking – about their refund policy. Shameful.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Unfortunately they have so far gotten away with it. I hope that this story now being out there on this blog and over Twitter and Facebook will make them re-think their ‘policies’ and think a little bit more about what it actually means to ruin a child’s birthday party.

  37. Mummy Tries says:

    This sounds absolutely awful, your poor girl! How on earth can people think it’s ok to be a party entertainer then act like this? Really hope you get the rest of your money back!

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Thanks so much, if we do get any more money back from them it will be going to a kids’ charity. I’m really aware that there are worse things that happen to children than this, but as parents who tried to do something special for their little girl, this situation sucks and we just hope that getting this story out stops it from happening to other families. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

  38. Lucie says:

    I really hope you get your money back and that your little girl has the best 6th birthday ever! Don’t give up hounding them and using social media.

  39. rachelreallife says:

    Oh Luci, that’s just awful. I am so sorry and I cannot believe the lack of effort the entertainer put into it, any amateur could have done that! I can understand you handing over the cash on the day, I would have too due to the stress already. I hope you get a satisfactory outcome. Xx

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      Yes, I know it’s all a bit #MiddleClassWoes, but we have one little girl, she’s such a sweet and straight-forward little girl, she really deserved a brilliant and magical party, not to have it ruined by a rubbish entertainer xx

  40. sarahmo3w says:

    This is absolutely unbelievable! I can’t believe the agency would consider this to be acceptable. I hope no other parents have to put up with this shocking service.

  41. we3threeblog says:

    That is outrageous. Im so sorry this happened on your lil girl’s special day. I would have told her to leave immediately dressed like that and not paid a penny. I hope you get a satisfactory ‘result’ from the company.

    • Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh says:

      I agree… unfortunately our dilemma was that we didn’t have a plan B, especially as she was late in arriving… and then took another 20 minutes to get changed – yes, this look she created actually took time! – by which time we were desperate for the entertainment to start.

      The only reason I paid was because the agent told me I had to. And yes, that possibly wasn’t a great reason for handing over the cash, but by that point I was so addled with stress that I just did it.

      Thanks so much for commenting. So far the agencie’s response to my post is to ask me to take down the photos… which sums up their attitude to the whole sorry affair.

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