Princess Academy made my little girl’s dreams come true

Princess Academy

It’s super special to be able to follow up my post about the car-crash that was M’s 5th birthday party – well the ‘Elsa entertainer‘ from AEIOU Children’s Parties looked like she’d been in a car-crash – with a post about the wonderful Princess Academy and friends, who threw the most amazing party for M and her best pals.

Like many other really kind entertainers, Princess Academy, got in touch with me when news of ‘Bad Elsa’ went viral and into the national media – it also made TV news in Australia and Japan!

Princess Becky from Princess Academy offered to create a magical party for M, and what I loved most was that Becky got in touch by email, and made it very clear that she didn’t want any publicity, she just wanted to do something to make a little girl’s dreams come true.

And the good-heartedness of Princess Becky and her merry band of princesses is what shone through at the party. These are entertainers who truly believe in creating magic for little children…

…which is why I decided to side-step the ‘no publicity’ thing and shout loudly about how wonderful this merry band of entertainers is.

The princesses, plus their dashing escorts, were in character from the moment we arrived at the Princess Academy until the moment we left. It didn’t matter if they were talking to an adult or a child, they made sure the magic spell wasn’t broken.

M and her pals were royally treated to two hours of fun… they sang, they danced, they iced cakes, they shot baddie cartoon characters with balloons, they had a deportment class (!), they dined on a feast of party food, they had a fairytale read to them, and best of all, they each got to hug and hang out with all the princesses… and a couple of their mums may have grabbed the chance to hug Pirate Jack 🙂

Usually I’m all about the words, but in this instance, pictures speak far louder… so here’s a curation from M’s Princess Academy party…

Princess Academy Princess Entertainers

Princess Academy and friends

Hug a Princess



Archery Lesson with Merida

Freya, Elle, Aggy with Snow White

Jack and Sunday

Misty with Elsa, Anna and Kristoff

Ellen Elsa Hug

So all that remains is for me to say a MASSIVE thank you on behalf of M, Adam and me, to everyone who worked with the Princess Academy to make M’s party super duper special and an experience she’ll treasure for a lifetime…

Princess Academy – the party was the brainchild of Princess Becky, who is one very kind and special lady. The role call for all the wonderful princesses and dashing dudes follows, please do contact them if you want to have an entertainer who really understands what it takes to create magic for children…

Photography by Colin Roberts – Colin did a brilliant job of capturing all the activity whilst somehow never encroaching on the fun. Find Colin at Colin Roberts Photography.

The food was lovingly supplied by Ronnie’s Kitchen, who created Melted Olaf yoghurt, Sven’s carrots, frozen heart strawberries dipped in white chocolate… the creativity was fabulous.

A super duper thank you to The Music Box, who provided the marquee for the Princess Academy.

And finally, a thank you to Princess Pop-Ins, who weren’t able to attend the party, but provided ‘magic coins’ to help create the party.

Misty hugs Merida


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