80% of cigarette smoke is invisible… so don’t smoke around non-smokers

I am passionately anti-smoking. I always have been. But I’ve also┬ábreathed in a LOT of smoke over the years, because I’ve had no choice but to be around people who smoke.

The smoking ban wasn’t around when I was out partying and going to clubs in my teens and early twenties… so I spent hour after hour dancing my heart out, whilst my lungs were filling with second hand smoke.

The smoking ban was a welcome relief from smoke filled bars, pubs and the misery of having to sit next to someone smoking at the next table in a restaurant.

But the flip side is that outdoor areas are now crammed with people heaving away on cigarettes… not great, particularly when there are children around.

And I live in a London terrace where there’s often a smoker sitting outside a neighbouring house having a cigarette… sitting outside to keep the smoke out of their house, but if we have a window or door open, it comes straight into ours.

And that brings me onto the biggest concern of all… babies and children breathing in second hand smoke. Why should they ever have to? Why should anyone who doesn’t smoke ever have to?

When someone smokes near me, this is what I experience…

  • my eyes water
  • my nose runs
  • I feel faintly nauseous
  • My hair and clothes smell of smoke

On top of that, second hand smoke is damaging my lungs. It’s damaging the lungs of everyone, baby, child or adult, who has to breathe it in.

80% of cigarette smoke is invisible

Watch this video about second-hand smoking… over 80% of cigarette smoke is invisible… but it’s still have an effect.. on you and on all those around you.

So you may think you’re being considerate, but you’re not. Smoking anywhere near anyone else is never considerate. Not in the car, not in a public space, not near someone else’s house, not around non-smokers in your own home. It. Is. Never. Considerate. You. Are. Always. Causing. Them. To. Breathe. In. Toxins. That. Your. Cigarette. Is. Producing.

So why do it? It’s a habit? Work hard to give it up.

It’s your right? Is it… ?