When did ‘good’ go ‘bad’?

“Good girl” I chirrup at M as she does something I’ve asked her to do.

Then my inner worrier voice pipes up…

“you can’t tell her she’s a ‘good girl’. It’s bad for her… those clever people say it’s bad for her. The parenting experts. It’ll stunt her emotional growth, stop her from reaching for the stars, turn her into a martyr to always being good, make her feel like you won’t love her unless she is good… ”

Then my inner reality check voice pipes up…

“oh just shut the front door, what are you going on about? Is telling M that she’s a ‘good girl’ really tantamount to  child abuse? Stop getting so caught up in the psychobabble of self-anointed ‘parenting experts’ and get on with being a loving parent to your super cool, super bright, super happy child”

End of.